• Your purchase helps give a gift of vision and education to a person in need in rural Nepal.

Anthropose - Get Give Change

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Isn’t that awesome?
Be a part of the change.
For every 10 pair of Anthropose eyewear sold, we collect enough funds to sponsor a cataract surgery or remedial course for 1 person in rural Nepal.
Anthropose believes in the power of “We”. When “We” come together it changes things, it makes things happen. Thus we want you to come together to join our efforts to move towards a better society where there is no cataract induced blindness and where our children are educated.
Become our affiliate and be a part of a change.
We want you.
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Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
Help us reach out to more like-minded people like yourself
who believe in the impossible and the aspirations.

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