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Anthropose - Get Give Change

Did you know?
In Nepal, around 1.4 million children enroll in grade 1 every year. Only 30% of the total enrolled make it to Grade 10 & of those who make it to grade 10,  only 50% graduate out  of school.
70% of the total enrolled drop-out of school before completing their basic schooling.
'Weak Fundamentals' is one of the primary reason why students drop-out of schools.
We believe.
We believe in the power of unity. It changes things towards progress.
An empowered community can speed up the process to progress. We believe that 'EDUCATION' is the catalyst.
Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
Help us reach out to more like-minded people like yourself
who believe in the impossible and the aspirations.

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