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Debra Karam

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Name: Debra Karam
Email: [email protected]
Subject: Question regarding export of business model
Comments: Hi,
Read about your social-good for profit company and love the idea :)-
I am co-director of Healing the Children Arizona (www.htcaz.org) and we provide life-saving, life-altering surgery for children from all over the world. We have treated several children from Iraq, and in particular, one with low vision/legal blindness due to land mine injuries. This child is now 20 and working as English-Arabic interpreter for an NGO in Iraq that provides microeconomic initiatives to disabled persons. I wonder if this business model would work in a place like Iraq, or any other poverty, war stricken country. Is this model one that can be replicated elsewhere and supported by you (as an entrepreneurial system?). Just thinking out loud.
Many thanks, Debra Karam

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