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Anthropose - Get Give Change

We clearly understand the cause of the problems root at poverty, however, deep-rooted problems like poverty are not solved overnight. Problems as such need a strategy that can be implemented and integrated into a country’s development plans. However, in countries like Nepal where political instability has been persistent for a long period of time now, it also becomes important that basic facilities be provided in different regions to counter the problems that exists in the present.

At Anthropose, we usually give an analogy of a thirsty desert man. We say, if you are in a desert and see a thirsty man, give him a bottle of water first rather than digging a well. The point being, by the time you finish up digging the well, anything could happen to the thirsty man. But if you give him a bottle of water, he is rejuvenated and at the same time you gain one additional helping hand to dig the well if you want to now. Meaning, it’s important to provide initial relief to the one’s already suffering while simultaneously collaborating to influence the system and seek long term remedies.

Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
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