• Your purchase helps give a gift of vision and education to a person in need in rural Nepal.

Anthropose - Get Give Change

Anthropose was founded on a simple idea of “For a nation to develop, the quality of life of its most underserved and marginalized population has to be on a par with level of basic needs.”

But, for sustainable development, a country MUST create and control successful global brands/brand equity and understand the significance of brands emerging from a country like Nepal.


Take a deep breath, relax and imagine the growing job opportunities, skill development and sustainable economic uplift that would become possible here in Nepal if Anthropose succeeds in becoming the next RAY-BAN. Imagine the communities that are elevated and enabled as a part of our direct giving to individuals who are blind.


Lastly, the exciting possibilities enwrapped within our potential and our vision is why you should care about Anthropose.

Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
Help us reach out to more like-minded people like yourself
who believe in the impossible and the aspirations.

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