• Your purchase helps give a gift of vision and education to a person in need in rural Nepal.

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Our Story

Who We Are

Anthropose is a for-profit social-good company that aspires to recognize and identify social problems and create viable, sustainable and scalable entrepreneurial solutions to them.

We introduced our line of sunglasses as a means to solve the deep rooted problem of cataract in Nepal.

While giving the person wearing our sunglasses protection, comfort and style by crafting high quality sunglasses, we also create a platform for communities to unite to resolve the long neglected problem of cataract by the government and give the often ignored an opportunity to get their sight restored.

As of 2011 there were 94,765 blind people in Nepal, of which, cataracts account as the cause for 62.2% of them. (Source: National Population & Housing Census, 2011, Nepal)
Quick Fix
Quick Fix
The good news is a 15 minute surgery can cure cataract and restore eyesight within 24 hours.
Once the sight is restored, it also restores independence, economic potential and opportunities.
Why Cataract ?
The irony of people not being able to afford life-changing cataract surgeries despite world class services being available in Nepal is why we saw the need of a changing dynamic in the country’s eye care system, where support from the government still lacks.

What We Give

For every 10 pairs of ANTHROPOSE sunglasses sold

We collect enough funds to sponsor a cataract surgery for 1 person.

How We Work


Our giving partners, Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, evaluate the region that are in most need of outreach medical eye camps.


When you buy a pair of Anthropose sunglasses, we provide our Giving Partners with financial support and collaborate with them to restore the sight of someone in need.


A team of eye-care professional then provide essential treatment, cataract surgeries and post-surgery care in the identified areas.


We collect feedback about our giving and seek to improve our support to achieve our long-term goals and repeat it all over again.

Our Giving Partner

Tilgang - Institute of Opthalmology


Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
Help us reach out to more like-minded people like yourself
who believe in the impossible and the aspirations.

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