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Anthropose - Get Give Change

Hey there, awesome person!


We hope you are doing great. We are always at a loss for words when we have to describe how awesome you guys have been and how much your support means to us.


So as a small appreciation we are bringing you “Parade Your Shades” where by parading your Anthropose you can enjoy exclusive priviledge code and get 10% discount on your lifetime online purchase with us.


Well, you might be wondering how do I start a parade! But don’t worry guys, because you don’t actually have to start a parade. All you need to do is:

  1. Send in your picture of Anthropose to our Facebook or Instagram, you can either be wearing it or it could be a flatlay
  2. We will parade it on our Facebook and Instagram
  3. The next thing you need to do is tag 5 of your friends on the post and let them know about the parade.

But I don’t have any social media platform!

Don’t worry guys! We are leaving no one behind. In case you don’t have a social media, you always have email. Yes, you can email us your picture of Anthropose at [email protected].

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Email us your picture of Anthropose and we will be sending you back an attachment.
  2. Forward that attachment email to 5 of your friends, because it isn’t fun without friends on a parade guys!
  3. Don’t forget to CC us along because we want to be a part of the celebration too!

Well, that is all fam and you receive a 10% coupon code from us with lifetime validity.


Our parade begins from August 1st and lasts till 15th of August and we’d be delighted to have your participation in this parade. So send in your pictures to us and let’s get this parade kicking!

Happy Parading!



*Conditions apply*

  • - Code is not applicable on products which are already on discounted price.
  • - Code will not be applicable if other promotional offers are going on.
  • - Code is valid for multiple use.
  • - Code is applicable only for online purchase.
  • - Bulk coupon codes cannot be used to redeem the discount on single product purchase.


Parade happening here!

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