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  • Lekh x Light Brown



    Whether you are a fashion connoisseur seeking unique tinted lenses or a prescription eyewear wearer looking to add protection and some hues to your look, Essilor Kromos tintable lenses are the perfect solution.

    UV protected and cool color tints preserve, protect and provide calmer relaxed eyes.


    1. Tinted
    2. UV protected
    3. Hard Coated.

    Why brown tinted lenses?

    Brown lenses are often worn for their ability to enhance contrast and depth perception, making them a popular choice for outdoor activities such as hiking, driving, and sports. They can also reduce eye strain, making them a good choice for bright, sunny days. Brown lenses are also a popular choice for fashion or aesthetic reasons.

    Brown lens also improve visual acuity and contrast in low-light conditions, making them a good option for early morning or late afternoon activities. Additionally, brown lenses are known to be a good choice for people with light sensitive eyes, as they can reduce the intensity of light without distorting colors.