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We love the fact that you care for your vision & absolutely stoked that you chose Anthropose for your eyewear needs!

How to build your prescription

Follow the simple steps below and we shall take care of the rest.

  1. Scroll down.
  2. Choose a pair of Anthropose frames you like.
  3. Add a pair of lenses to it.
  4. Fill in your prescription.
  5. Voila! You are ready to checkout!
Ships only to Nepal.

-Team Anthropose


  1. Bijay S. (Verified buyer)

    The frame was very loose!

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  2. Pradeep S. (Verified buyer)

    Thank you for the great product!

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  3. Shreeganesh P. (Verified buyer)

    I have all the good things to say about Anthropose. The build quality is great, the service is amazing, probably the best that I have ever experienced. This is my second purchase and the experience is getting only better.

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  4. Sajjan S. (Verified buyer)

    There was prompt response towards my order though it was out of valley delivery. The product was amazing as always. :blush:

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  5. Amod K. (Verified buyer)

    Let's start with the beginning. I pre-ordered TAHA-II made out of recycled acetate. The customer service and follow up was outstanding, matter of fact, out of this world. The team at Athropose constantly followed up with me. During the pandemic, there was a delay. However, being a professional and accountable business organization, they apologies for the delay and gave me extra discounts vouchers for my next purchase. They simply did not take the pandemic for an excuse and striving for the best service they can provide. Verdict #1: There is a level of customer care, not only when designing the product but also when delivering the product. 
    Now! the product. All I can say is: I love it! Not because it is made out of recycled items, not because of the great service, not because its a Nepali brand. I simply love it for its product quality and value for the money. PS: Love the packaging. 
    Verdict 2# Why buy other glassware when you have Anthropose right next door to you? 
    Thank you, team Anthropose for the outstanding service and the product. 

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