• Your purchase helps give a gift of vision and education to a person in need in rural Nepal.

Anthropose - Get Give Change

Purchase your pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses and give a gift of vision and education to someone in need.
How it works?
There are two ways to help us DO MORE!
First, help us spread the word about the campaign.
Second, your single purchase can help us collect fund needed to conduct cataract surgery and provide remedial courses to students in rural Nepal.
1) Share “LetsDoMore” initiative message in any of your social media platform.

(Note: The post must be public and should use hashtags #letsdomoremonth and #anthropose)
2) A discount coupon of 20% off will appear on your screen after you’ve shared the message. You can use the code directly on the “apply coupon” section when checking out online.
3) If you wish to shop at any of our retail outlet, please show the screenshot of the post shared about “LetsDoMore” in any of your social media platforms.
Conditions Apply:
- The campaign will run till 31st January, 2019.
- The code validity remains till 28th February, 2019 for both online and offline purchase.
- The code is valid for one time purchase only.
- The discount code applies to sunglasses and opticals frames only. Optical lenses are not eligible.
- Bulk coupons are not applicable on both online and offline purchase.
- Discounts cannot be provided if the post is not shared.
- The code is not applicable on the clearance sale items.

If you have any confusion or query regarding the #LetsDoMore campaign, e-mail us at [email protected] or reach us at 9801118822.

Why #LetsDoMore?
We are a firm believer in the power of the united few who choose to challenge the status-quo for the better. This belief got us started 4 years ago. Today, we stand strong with 416 empowered individuals who have regained their eyesight after successful cataract surgeries and 15 confident scholars receiving their foundational remedial courses.

There is always a beginning. 4 years ago, it was a beginning to our dream of starting out. Today is a brand new beginning too. A beginning to our dream of doing even more. To do this, we need to reach out to more change seeking progressive people. Through the #LetsDoMore campaign, we seek your help in reaching out to like-minded individuals as yourself. Your simple act of sharing our message on your social media can impact a life of a person in need.

Hence, the #LetsDoMore initiative..
Belief and solidarity is what turns a simple idea into a powerful reality.
Help us reach out to more like-minded people like yourself
who believe in the impossible and the aspirations.

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