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Although world-class ophthalmic services are available in Nepal, many Nepalis still cannot afford a life-changing simple 15 minutes surgery that can remove cataracts & restore their eyesight.

We believe no one should lose their eyesight just because they “Cannot afford” surgery.

When you make a purchase with Anthropose, every sale we make is geared towards providing free cataract surgeries to individuals in need in rural Nepal.

We believe no one should lose their eyesight just because they “Cannot afford” a surgery.


Eye-sights restored.

Made consciously using bio-based or recycled acetates.


It’s literally everywhere. From our phones, something that we can’t do without to that cookie wrapper that we just opened and will never see again. We are drowning in plastic!

According to studies, with the current rate of plastic waste growth rate there could be 12 billion metric tonnes, that is 12 billion thousand kilograms, in the landfills globally by the year 2050. It is projected that the global population could reach 9.8 billion by the same year. That is equivalent to 122.4 kgs of plastic waste per person.

Imagine, if we were held responsible for the same 122.4kgs of plastic per person and had to store it? Where would we keep it? What would be the amount of plastic in your household?

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Not sure if our designs would look good on you after you order online? Worry not, if you are not satisfied with your purchase we will provide a full refund and free returns on your purchase made online. 🙂

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